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Animal - Chaos Muppet

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I’m a Chaos Muppet.  And it’s not a problem.

Last week, my circle was very into this article about Chaos and Order Muppets from Slate.  It was an interesting look, though with blue felt implied, at even how my partners in our company were coordinated. Apparently, I’m a Chaos Muppet, as is one of my partners, with another being an Order Muppet.

As the article states, many times the Chaos Muppet finds a life partner in Order Muppets to reel themselves in.

Chaos Muppets, in my opinion, bring the excitement and big ideas that are bigger than normal and push boundaries.  An Order Muppet, perhaps, is needed to focus those ideas into something more tangible and achievable.  I see that in my organization.

I would love to see a Muppets meets Silicon Valley sort of show now.

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