Encounter with a Genius

You kept your iPhone where now?

Of course I’m in that spot.  Sitting here with my iPhone 3G S, bought as soon as I could manage it after it’s launch nearing two years ago.  I’ve been free to buy something else since February this year.  Android.  WHITE iPhone 4.  But no.  I’m holding out for that June announcement to see what my next phone would look like.

And of course we have the rumors, and press release to confirm, that I’m not seeming my new phone for maybe three extra months or so.


So tonight, when I had the final straw with my phone.  That is, I attempted to plug the near dead phone into a car charger, and had issues keeping it charging, continually losing connection.  I’ve had this issues with several connectors for a little bit.  I had Missy’s equally as old, but not quite as war torn, iPhone and tested.  No problem.  Having just updated/backed up my phone this afternoon, it was time to visit a Genius.

I heard about the Apple Store App’s addition to setup your Genius appointment on the phone, so I checked it out and scored a spot out at South Hills Village in about an hour.  Perfect timing for a Chik-fil-a and a visit!

I loitered for a good twenty minutes, awaiting my time, checking out the new iPad displays for the products that have been installed, and justifying why I don’t need an iPad 2 to myself.  (tonight’s great lie to myself: “I’d never feel it be thinner through the sort of case I use anyways”.  Good one!)

I stepped up around the bar close to my time, interjected when a mother/son duo with a cracked iPod Touch were asked if they were me, and we were go.  The fellow was a typically Apple looking fellow.  I did not check to see if he had holes in his shoes like the one Chachi wanted to fight, but he was a kindred spirit, as we sported similar beard/hair stylings.

I explained my connector issue, logged in so he could run diagnostics, and distracted myself by the Sims Medieval on the shelf beside me that Missy pointed out.  Medieval?  Really?  Will not get.  Just lost Memorial Weekend to Portal 2.  Quick, something else that’s shiny and out of my price range.

Just in the nick of time, my Apple Bizarro self came back with my phone came back and explained that it was likely a damage to the connector from wear and tear, and isn’t technically covered by AppleCare, and would likely be another $199 replacement (which I’ve already suffered due a disagreement with the element of water…) but he continued, quite a giddy excitement coming across in his speach. “…but we’ll do a one time thing and replace it for you anyways…”

Oh yes.  This is it.

It was like I was bestowed that secret Apple Geek “you’re one of us, and we’re going to reward you” handshake.  I’ve heard the legends of the unofficial cracked screen replacements “not under warranty” over the years.  Finally, I’ve experienced it.  It’s like seeing Santa delivering presents or finally seeing aliens that don’t look like that guy I knew in the ninth grade.

Have you experienced the handshake?

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