Deface represented fully at Geekfest!!


That’s right, the Deface Family represented fully at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2, showing that we are dead set on staying on the curb of New Media and finding new ways to bring this shit to you out there on the intertubes! Representatives from CRAP, Nerdz Eatin Shroomz,, emcee lb, and of course, the Wrestling Mayhem Show all showed up, and participated in panels, met new people, and caused havoc at the afterparty!

We have scores of videos, including interviews, and various antics. They’re still coming down the pipeline, but we have a good list at Sorg’s Youtube page. Or hop on and (for pictures) and search for “pcpgh2” for media from the whole event!

And finally, I leave you with our good friend, the creator of Podcamp, Chris Brogan, giving us props and representing CRAP in the most appropriate way possible…

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