Communications from the sky…

My dish man arrived Sunday afternoon and installed my new oval decoration on my front porch, and I now watch WWE RAW on my nice new Dish system. And as I pondered this today, Missy helped me realize, I had been getting TV from satellites all the time. I just cut out the middle man and get it straight from the sky instead of over land lines.

Why did I switch? Well back up to my letter to Comcast for that final straw. But thus far, fairly happy with my Dish selection. I needn’t buy any equipment. The prices seem to be cheaper. Retarded tiers of channels, like Sci Fi for watching ECW, are nonexistent. There is hardly a channel I wish I had that I didn’t right now. SIRIUS radio feeds. Kick ass DVR HD box. And this fascinating thing that I have four TVs hooked up to two boxes.

Now to cancel Comcast…

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