I went into this month with a goal of taking on the holiday straight on.  It’s Christmas Eve, and it’s time to see how my goals panned out.

  • santa in windowPre-Christmas Avoidance. Wow did this help!  I had to visit WalMarts, KMarts and malls a few times over the last few weeks, and not once was I disgusted with the sight of Christmas all over the stores.  Proof positive that the “extended” holiday season at department stores is hurting it.
  • Resurrect that tree. Well.  We did.  I put the tree up.  And there it was.  And there it stayed.  I had hoped to wait for the girls of the house to decorate, but that never really panned out, thanks to schedules and such.  But there’s a tree.  And heck, there’s always Wintereenmas to decorate it for!!
  • Christmas Movies. This happened.  I didn’t get to watch Santa Conquers the Martians yet, but I did get to see some Elf, some Charlie Brown and Muppets thanks to Hulu, and Wife Missy gets the best Christmas set ever with Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty, and more.
  • Christmas Music. I applaud LB for his Christmas music selections in the weeks leading up to now on the Wrestling Mayhem Show.  I recommend anyone to check out the last few weeks of shows to see what I mean.
  • Christmas Participation.  This was light.  I missed the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party thanks to work.  But I had a great time stopping by the Open House for my friends at PennFuture, and, of course, the usual company Christmas Party.  I didn’t seek out Christmas lights, but I may have taken the longer back way home a few times through Mt Lebanon.    The best, by far, was taking some time to go visit the Freak Show guys for Stuff a Bus and Toys for Tots.  The usual craziness of the in laws in New York happened tonight.  And I had a job to do along with it this year…

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