Chachi and Sorg politics…

This conversation was just too priceless to not share…

ynot16125 (1:04:30 PM): 30 men enter sir! 1 midget walks out victorious
spsjuggalo (1:04:56 PM): YES!!!
spsjuggalo (1:05:01 PM): we should make signs for swaggle
ynot16125 (1:05:07 PM): lmao!
ynot16125 (1:05:34 PM): Swaggle for PResident 08!
spsjuggalo (1:06:12 PM): NO
spsjuggalo (1:06:17 PM): maybe vp…
spsjuggalo (1:06:27 PM): this country isn’t ready for a midget in the white house
ynot16125 (1:07:21 PM): sure we are
spsjuggalo (1:08:57 PM): you’re ready for it…
spsjuggalo (1:09:02 PM): …but what about the midwest…
spsjuggalo (1:09:10 PM): where midget segregation is still a hot issue…
ynot16125 (1:09:18 PM): fuck the midwest!
ynot16125 (1:09:26 PM): MIDGETS MIDGETS MIDGETS!!!!


ynot16125 (1:19:31 PM): i love port authority
ynot16125 (1:19:36 PM): i feel bad that im getting a car
spsjuggalo (1:19:58 PM): fuck port authority
ynot16125 (1:20:02 PM): HEY!
spsjuggalo (1:20:08 PM): fuckers can’t balance a book and we pay for it with our acohol
ynot16125 (1:20:20 PM): THATS ONORANTO FAULT!
spsjuggalo (1:20:38 PM): it’s not ono’s fault the PortAuth can’t do math
ynot16125 (1:20:48 PM): its ono fault that there is a drink tax
spsjuggalo (1:20:50 PM): but he’s still a dick for the tax…
spsjuggalo (1:21:01 PM): but i don’t mind NOT having a raise again in my property tax…
ynot16125 (1:21:27 PM): then quit yer bitching then
spsjuggalo (1:21:42 PM): I can bitch
ynot16125 (1:21:48 PM): i dont own property therefore id much rather have the property tax go up
spsjuggalo (1:21:49 PM): and i’ll be bitching a bit more when I’m president
spsjuggalo (1:21:51 PM): sir..
ynot16125 (1:22:09 PM): i dont own property therefore id much rather have the property tax go up
ynot16125 (1:22:15 PM): I drink so i mind the drink tax
spsjuggalo (1:22:57 PM): i drink and i own a house
spsjuggalo (1:23:00 PM): I’m fucked either way
spsjuggalo (1:23:13 PM): but I’m sure I’ll pay more in prop tax if it went that way
ynot16125 (1:23:38 PM): boooooo you sir!
ynot16125 (1:23:43 PM): im not voting for you now!
spsjuggalo (1:23:49 PM): I can’t morally bitch about the tax too much, because, sorry, I support the cig taxes
spsjuggalo (1:23:55 PM): so i cna’t not support one on another vice
spsjuggalo (1:24:14 PM): don’t worry, anyone named Chachi is pardoned of all taxes
ynot16125 (1:24:15 PM): SWAGGLE FOR PRESIDENT 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spsjuggalo (1:24:25 PM): it’ll be a rider in the bill
ynot16125 (1:25:05 PM): and FREE BIG BLUE RUBBER DICKS FOR ALLL

Sorgatron ’08 is coming..

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