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Podcamp is Upon Us

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for August 11, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

I love the geek Christmas of Podcamp Pittsburgh.  It’s that event I get to be a part of every year where I get to bath in knowledge.

Podcamp Pittsburgh started in 2006 as an extension of the initial Podcamp Boston, bringing together creative people starting to make some great stuff with that ere of the Internet, whether that be Podcasting ( we used actual iPods back then!), blogging, or video.  It introduced me to the Should I Drink That crew, iJustine before many knew who she was, and the Pittsburgh Filmmakers, our hosts for the event.

We didn’t know what a “Tweet” was yet.

These days we still discuss Podcasting. But beyond blogging we’re all trying to wrap our heads around Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, 360 video, and any number of other things we can do from our phones.

I’ve also seen everyone from budding bloggers with a voice to significant businesses being represented at Podcamp Pittsburgh over the year.  Often just in the crowd learning from others.  It’s still a powerful FREE tool for its attendees I offer everyone to come and check out in person, make friends, hand out your business card and make some friends.  Those contacts and friends I’ve made from this event have led to some fun times and great business opportunities over the years.

Podcamp Pittsburgh is August 13 & 14 at Point Park University University Center.

Check out the schedule here

Register and get more info here

The Boomerang 

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for July 28, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive
This is a long game.  That’s old news.  Online.  Podcasting.  Social Media.  It’s something I’ve been playing, participating in, and communicating with for over 10 years.

For the majority of that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to be creating content, sharing stories, and talking with people in those spaces (pro wrestling, technology, music, etc).  For many, we refer to them as “friends of the show”.  And we follow those people, and celebrate them as we’ve watched them excel into large businesses, or find them on my television on Monday night.

It seems that the work we did, the discussions we had in the name of something we just loved to do have been resonating back at me and my colleagues.  John Thorne of the wildly popular Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland and the new “Card is Going to Change” Podcast was just back on one of our shows.  He joined us in 2009.  He reminded us that was his first ever Podcast appearance, and pronounced after this was going to be likely his last outside of his show appearance for a while.

Others have messaged me about an interview 5 years ago they relistened to and how much of what they discussed is absolutely happening in current projects, or how much fun another interviewee had in an early interview we did with him on the show.

What you do.  Whatever it is.  No matter how big it is.  It has influence.  Whether one of the 10 listeners latches on to your topic and how you talk about it, or a guest opens up to other opportunities thanks to an appearance on your production.  Every time you hit that publish button on the Podcast site (or whatever that function is for you) you send ripples through the internet if you’re doing your community and promotions right.  And you never know what can swing back to you years down the line.

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Whitney Peyton

The Stage

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 30, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive

This week, I returned to a sort of old stomping ground when I assisted an old friend from Empire Extreme to interview Whitney Peyton when she was in town for a show.

See, “Dr. E” was someone who introduced me to a world where I could be on stage performing lyrics about insane concepts and was working on a magazine concept back then I had helped with. Whitney Peyton was one of the people I encountered when we shared a stage for an interestingly booked show in the middle of Ohio some 10 years ago.

The stage is something I miss constantly. That perception and rush of being up there is something that I’ve been able to supplement, though.  I realized how much getting in front of a mic, an audience to speak, or even my short stint as an adjunct teacher gave me a that sort of reason and rush.

Those are the feelings one should follow when they’re finding their place and voice online.  It doesn’t have to always be on a mic, or in front of people. Maybe it’s making baked goods and watching everyone digitally drool on them on Facebook.  Find your stage and keep following it, no matter what form it takes.

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Change the World From Your Basement

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 23, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive
Or a coffee shop. Or the sidewalk. Anywhere really.

Every week, I descend to my basement studio here in my house.
(Some have commented that they would be sad if my white brick wall changed with some venue changes in the future, even. ) I fire up our multi-computer studio setup that combines the use of Telestream Wirecast, Audacity, Youtube Live, and Google Hangout to bring together enthusiasts and interview subjects int he worlds of technology and professional wrestling. On a normal night, I’m having conversations with people from New York and Texas without even thinking about the great distance between us.

“The world is at our finger tips. We can evoke emotion and start revolutions. We can connect across continents or broadcast around town. We made the world smaller. Now what world will we make from our basements next.”

That was something I wrote on Instagram with the included picture. There are people doing even more with less.  Periscope is being used to circumvent actual government censorship. We are putting people in the middle of rallies to send a message to legislators with (relatively) cheap 360 degree hardware. I loved Podcasting because it was a way for me to express myself without limitations. And all of this has made the world smaller so we can do something bigger.

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Black Forge Coffee

Coffee Brings Together

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 2, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive
I believe in Coffee.  It brings people together.

On Basic Sorganomics I had given the idea that your online community should resemble a coffee shop.  It’s how I like to meet new people all over the city.

Recently, we had another edition of our Sorgatron Media Coffee.  Originally this was my attempt to pull together all of the creative minds we collaborate with in our Podcast network and more.  As we moved to Work Hard Pittsburgh, I wanted to give an opportunity for others to come in and chat with that group and hopefully become inspired in their own projects.

We had a wonderful crew this month including our colleagues representing Panel Riot, Rizz Plays Games, AwesomeCast, and the Scarehouse Podcast hanging out along with some new faces looking to conquer video on Social Media for her company and another looking to resurrect his passion and teach online via podcasting or video. After a couple hours of chatter, it felt like our new faces had a little more confidence, and maybe a little bit of direction, to proceed with their projects and initiatives.  We discussed everything from Facebook Video to Podcasting to experimenting with 360 video.

This is the awesome melting pot we get to experience. Something that creates new opportunity for everyone involved.

The next Sorgatron Media Coffee is June 25!  RSVP here, or follow our Meetup Group for the latest geeky events!

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