Cat vs Tech

This week, I went to the safe haven of my father’s place in Jamestown, PA. A few days with limited contact and technology. Maybe that’s why I had the experience I did.

My dad has two cats. Marco and Polo. I had decided to bring my Nintendo Wii home for something to entertain myself, and play with my 13 year old nephew since he still rocks an original Xbox.

So I arrive Sunday, and setup the Wii, as I know dad’s television setup can be a little whacky. I wanted to make sure I could without buying an adapter from Walmart, where we were looking to venture shortly. So I setup the Wii. Sensor bar on top of the DirecTV box, Wii console set on a stand/lamp combo thingie. So we head to Walmart and do our thing so I can set my dad up with some wireless internet action.

We get back to find a crime scene. A crime against gaming. Strewn across the floor was the Wii. Somehow, it looked like it was drug. You could follow it. Wall outlet to the console. Then console corded to the sensor bar, at the furthest distance from the television. Some ten or twelve feet of mayhem. I set everything back up, booted up the system to make sure it was still ok. Made sure the Smash Bros. disc inside was ok.

So I setup the thing on the floor this time, and watched the animals’ reactions for the rest of the week…

Marco steps up with his curiosity. First, investigating the perceived source of the odd devices power. Perhaps his investigation before is what the device to its knees. Perhaps he seeks to do it again. Or, perhaps, he just is interested by dangly things.

Marco turns a shoulder, as if to give the mysterious obilisk. Perhaps to give it the pretense that it has “won”. A false hope, perhaps.

But Marco turns back. To give the device one last glare. One last sniff. What are the secrets you hold…

“You Haz Won Thiz Day, Devize…”

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