Funtime Review: Authority Zero “Stories of Survival”

Authority Zero is well known to me.  I’ve had the chance to see them once maybe at Warped Tour or somesuch mass showcase of bands of this nature, so I didn’t have much of a preconception when this album arrived in my mailbox.  But the more I listened, the more I got hooked.

I don’t think I’ve heard a decent pop/punk album in ages.  Offspring’s Smash comes to mind, and that’s what this album envokes.  Nothing as striking as that albums “Keep them Separated”, but the overall tone is there.  But with an album title like “Stories of Survival”, how can you expect less than a collective rally cry of positivity across 12 tracks.

I’ve played “A Day to Remember” as the first track that stuck out to me on Episode 3 of the show (Free Music Funtime), and have become a big fan of “Brick in the Wave”.  But the album, as a whole, is a great listen.

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