Anatomy of a Road Trip

This past Saturday, I had the good fortune to help Digital Horizons with the video for the IWC Newville Knockout 4 show in Newville, PA. It was a bit of a stretch to head out there myself for the pay, so we got together a Crew O Mayhem consisting of Wife of the Show Missfit, V-Ron, and Doc Remedy, all packed in the Rendevouz for a 3 and a half hour trip each way.

First of all, it was really interesting to work that side of an independent show. Definitely a lot of fun to see things from that perspective, and with the running conversation on the headsets we used. It was cool to watch all the action in the viewfinder, and from the bird’s eye view (as seen in the pic). You haven’t lived until you’ve attempted to follow a Motorcity Machine Guns tag match.

But the big thing was the trip.

We’re talking a good 3 and a half hours. In both instances, it seemed like it flew. Even when I was driving the way back and my posse slept most of the way. So I submit to you, the keys to road trip success and fun.

  1. A crew of great conversationalists. I trait that I consistantly enjoy with the entire Mayhem Crew.
  2. Venturing to a new destination none have been before. If you haven’t been there, it’s all new to you.
  3. An ipod (in our case, we had 3) loaded with almost everything you remember from the last 20 years and then some.
  4. A group of people with equally eclectic tastes in all sorts of music stylings.
  5. A shared love for Sheetz.
  6. A destination event that invokes excitement.

Of all the road trips I have been on, none have had a lasting fun factor for me, and from what I understand, for the rest of my crew this weekend.

One thought on “Anatomy of a Road Trip

  1. 7. Nothing more terrifying than Papa Sorg threatening to “come back there” and halfway across the console…

    Great times!!

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