An Open Letter to Conan O’Brian.

Dear pale skinned sad woman,

We of the Wrestling Mayhem Show and Sorgatron Media have been ennamered with your recent issues with NBC and your departure from one of the most prestigious positions on television.  We have been adament about our hand shake-at-a-strip-club deal at a strip club in albequerquee to take over Late Night when you took the mantel as the flagship.

  • We already have a small framework for reaching international audiences.
  • We have issues with bears we can surely come to a compromise to your Masturbating bear can have a comfortable position in our organization
  • In Pittsburgh, you would have access to the mildest of weather patterns.  We are away from the Great Lakes snow belt, and there is enough overcast, sometimes for weeks at a time, that your pale complexion should never be under the threat from big Mr. Vitamin D in the Sky like it is in Los Angeles.  Also, no earthquakes or wildfire.  And our governor couldn’t pop your head off.
  • We can’t pay you more than in WMS t-shirts, but you should be good for a while, right?

I hope that these terms would be serviceable for you, sir.  What we can’t give you in the terms of money, we can make up for in internet television history making camaraderie!!!!

Sorgatron and the Wrestling Mayhem Crew

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