American Gladiators.

Well, in another example of my childhood being resold to me, American Gladiators was relaunched tonight. But does it justice? Or is this another childhood memory raped?

the presentation is my problem. Sure, everything looks slick, cool, big water, and fucking fire! But can you please give me more than a half second shot to enjoy it? The editing on this show is almost epilepsy inducing.

Ali and Hogan do a serviceable job of interviewing the competitors. But the in game announcer is horrible. Bring back Larry Czonka!

I had a bit of a problem with the show, as I displayed during my twitters for the night.

Sorgatron Elder Statsman of AG? WHAT THE HELL! There’s only one Elder Statesman…of Pittsburgh!!! 30 minutes ago from Tweetr Icon_star_empty Icon_trash

At least I don’t have to hear about it after his loss this week.

Some other notes:

Wolf = The most picked on Gladiator. Unfortunately, a lot of his threats end up sounding a little homosexual.

Hellga = (yes, @cynthiacloskey pointed out the two “L’s”) Can you say Swiss Miss girl on steroids?

Mayhem = Nice to see a Gladiator representing my podcast. Too bad he can’t keep on his own platform on the Joust. At least he got the final shot shoving that guy in the water after the fact.

Justice = A faux hawk? Really?

Crush = I think this is going to be the unanimous Mayhem Show fave babe of the show (Doc Remedy agrees so far)

And another episode tomorrow night? Hell Yeah. I hope the ratings keep up to continue the show (and they make some improvements to the presentation) but after the initial style-shock, It’s not too bad.

Think there’ll be another video game?

2 thoughts on “American Gladiators.

  1. Hogan bugs me. An hour of sentences finishing with “brother” and as you said the editing made me ill. I don’t know if i could find a favorite since yet. I’ll give it a couple more tries. I did like seeing the marine chick crack her head open and still finish.

  2. I would be really surprised if there wasn’t another video game launched soon.

    I’m holding off my final judgment of the show for now. I agree about the editing, and it seemed like everyone on the show (gladiators, announcers and contenders) were a little unsure about what was actually going on. I’m glad to see Assault is still part of the show, and, wrong as it is, I really enjoyed watching the guys toss each other down the pyramid.

    Venus, the contender, annoys me to no end.

    Was Titan on something else? He looks awfully familiar. And I think my favorite female gladiator is a toss up between Fury and Crush right now. We’ll see.

    Like I said Sunday: Less talking, more competing.

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