A Word on Music Funtime ~or~ Striking the Balance

Oh, Music Funtime Show.  How I dig thee.  It’s one of those shows that’s been more of a labor of love than anything.  I started the social thing on the vehicle of music fandom, did some rapping, put out an album, and continued to do shows and interviews around it, but alas, you have to go away.  But maybe for just a little bit.

I’ve always envisioned the Sorgatron Media as a place for some variety of shows to flourish, starting with shows based on my own interests in technology (AwesomeCast), professional wrestling (Wrestling Mayhem Show), and of course, music.  The show started as a spin off from a failed music show I had with a host that didn’t work out almost a year ago, dropping us down to the basics to keep the ball rolling.  I managed to get a few interviews from friends and contacts, including Madhatter of Scrub Club, Basick Sickness, MC Frontalot, and Kottonmouth Kings, all were great.  Weeks I couldn’t manage a new interview, I recycled some of my old interviews from my first music site.  All sprinkled with free and podsafe tracks collected in a small package.

Eventually, the need for video with some of these interviews seemed imminent.  My old friend Dr. Espling had his Kingdom Extreme Magazine started contributing to the show a segment to try to create some synergy between our independent “brands”.  This led the the thought to split the audio and video into two shows since videos of songs were not always available.  And who wants to stare at logos for that period?

But I received a sign on the eve of that launch of the video version that seemed like maybe we should hold off.  I pushed on the music only show, and it felt rushed sometimes.  It was time to let the project sleep for a bit.

What this does is clear some of that energy and focus that I need for some of the endeavors on the horizon right now.

I’m not going to sleep on the music front entirely.  I will still do my best to pass over any interesting underground music tidbits to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Especially what I find here in the Pittsburgh area.  And if some event or opportunity should arise, I should still be posting them in the Sorgatron Media Specials feed, or maybe bring back the show title for special occasions.

Who knows what the future will hold?

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