A Few Unboxes

I’ve discussed before, and demonstrated, how fun it is to unbox, hands free, with Glass.  It’s so easy that I did it three more times.  But I wanted to turn it up a little.

After a discussion about my backup procedures last weekend with Anthony Closkey, I actually ended up getting my hands on a new 4 TB drive to upgrade my packed Drobo, full of 3 TB drives.  I’m consistently impressed with how little I have to think of the Drobo system.  So I pulled out the iPhone as my regular cam, put on Glass for the closeups, and made this:



I love the idea of a built in roving camera in my head.  This is exactly the sort of process I’m dying to try with something demonstrative like a cooking show or something.  You have to be a bit more conscience of what you’re doing with your head.  I noticed in reviewing my Glass footage, I would do some odd head moves if I was checking something across the desk.   You have to have presence that your head is the tripod.


And, just for fun, we did something special, inspired by Chachi’s suggestion, for the Lootcrate unbox.   Unfortunately, my iphone filled and I lost most of the video from the other camera, though.  Saved in the editing room!

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