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It’s a telltale sign of someone in the wrestling biz that will not be denied his stardom.  Typically, when you hear that someone has been “future endeavor’d” by the Big E, and you don’t see them pop up on TNA or ROH within 6 months, these wrestlers seem to be relegated to obscurity.  Perhaps hanging up the boots, or you’ll simply be lucky to find them on your local independent wrestling promotion’s card.

But in rare instances, you get someone that steps up regardless.  Matt Hardy comes to mind at first.  Aside from the interesting circumstances of his first departure, he was vocal all over the internet with videos and blogs.  He even set the groundwork for The Matt Hardy Show, which still exists today.

The most recent example is Mr. Kennedy….Anderson….

Anderson has been active.  Just days after being let go, and speculation of it being from a near botched move on Randy Orton, or Kennedy hurting his arm just weeks after returning, he blasted back on his own site with blog posts and a silent video of him stretching out his arms.  Since then, he’s released no less than nine episodes of how he’s spending his extended vacation (read: 90 day no compete), exploring Twitter, and letting us know how he works out.

It’s fantastic to see these guys starting to use the tools of social networking to keep themselves relevent while they work on their next career move.  This could be the next sign of, like the music industry, the talent showing they don’t need the big feds to get over…

Take note, and scope the videos.  And in the meantime, check out the origin of Doc Remedy’s fashion sense…


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