Unexpected Outage. And Outrage?

251707_10152118277925724_377567210_nFrom the Sorgatron Media Newsletter from February 28, 2013

Sometimes, a service doesn’t work out.  Sometimes they change their policy.  Or remove a feature that you rely on to communicate with your audience effectively.  When we’re uploading videos, sending info snippets, or creating a community.   The only thing consistant in the online world is that change.

This week, without much warning, Facebook unveiled a change to it’s Facebook Events to include a cover photo banner, much like you see in Timeline or over on Google+ everywhere.  Do a lot of events?  Time to change up the template.  When a video service decides it wants to realign it’s features to maintain a certain audience, you may find yourself without the features that brought you to the service in the first place.

Both are situations that colleagues and I have encountered since Monday alone.  One aspect of being a “good at” Social Media is being aware.  Always have your eyes up and don’t expect to do the same thing week to week.  It comes with the territory.

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