2023 IndyWrestling.us Wrestling Partners in Review

It’s been quite the year in the greater Pittsburgh area with our partners at IndyWrestling.us and I wanted to look back at the year. I’ve had the pleasure to work on the production and distribution of these shows.  

Victory Championship Wrestling 

This company consistently surprises me with their booking decisions, featuring talent not typically seen in Pittsburgh. I often question whether the unusual cards will draw or resonate with fans. However, I’m usually proven wrong – solid crowds turn out and enjoy the matches. Backstage, the vibe reminds me of a Peanuts gang putting on a talent show: participants band together with a “let’s put on a show” attitude. It’s been a great place for wrestling fans in a small town just south of Wheeling, West Virginia to experience some quality wrestling on a regular basis.

Renegade Wrestling Alliance

I have been with this promotion for the majority of his 15 years of existence. It gets to celebrate that milestone in Janyary, and with the help of one of our amazing talents, I’ve gotten to see 15 years of something I’ve worked on summed up in an amazing way. I never would’ve guessed that this would’ve been the most consistent fan base show monthly product for the most of its 15 years learning from the people that come through it and showcasing talents of amazing people on TV formally on TV in such a surprising place. 

Prospect Pro Wrestling 

It really feels like this promotion hit its stride this year. Benefiting from “less is more” the shows have been more focused than ever the crowds responding and it has hit records in attendance for their five year history. I love a lot of the old school vibes from my early days of going to independent wrestling with the people I got to see in the ring in those days mixing it up with the newer talent. And they let Chest Flexor light things on fire every once in a while.

880 Wrestling

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about a new project. I’m so thankful for MV Young for letting me experiment and train in his space and try to build something up. It’s shocking to see how these wrestlers and our productions looked in February of this year versus what we just pulled off at the last big Friday show of the year. It is the most different feeling Wrestling promotion than almost anybody I’ve worked with and I think people are noticing. The crowds are crazy. It’s a new difficulty to try to film the shows in this environment. But it’s a lot to us testing things to be used on bigger shows or bringing things from bigger shows and trying them on this level and we’ve already gotten a number of very good videographer that are regularly working with us out of this. The interconnectedness with the current pro wrestling scene in the area has been crazy. Inever know who’s gonna show up next from this city or others it’s punk rock it’s dirty it’s amazing.

Trends Behind the Scenes

10 years ago, I felt like I was dragging wrestling companies into this century by attempting to provide as much production and promotion work as I could muster. These days, these companies have dedicated Social Media, interview videographers and video editors that can concentrate on taking the shows we’re producing to better push stories and promote shows. No one can do all of this themselves and it’s such an important part of creating the excitement that sells tickets.

Thank you everyone we’ve worked with in 2023 and continuing with us in 2024.

All of these promotions can be experienced at www.IndyWrestling.us.

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