You can’t do it all yourself.

Yeh, I’ve piled my plate pretty high with the things I choose to involve myself in. Just look at my links on the right. I’m the sole operator of many of those sites. And I’ve been hard pressed to pass responsibilities onto others to help maintain these things. It’s hard because often these projects may not be as important to others as they are to me, so getting some undivided, and continual commitment to keep these things rolling. This is what I spoke about when Dawn brought the concept of “Podfading” to my attention back at Podcamp Pittsburgh 2. I’ve had as many as 8 posters on WPAJ at a time, only to have most fade of after a while.

So I’ve finally come together with my latest move to help this. The WPAJ message board has been a plague to my online existance for a great while. Everytime it was back up and gaining steam, something would happen to it. Or we would be overrun by spammers and bots. And just generally ornary people. But no more! Now, I finally got hooked up with another local Juggalo site, GZNinjaz. You may remember the guy behind this site as the youngster who’s mom supported his interests in ICP and web design from the City Paper article on Juggalos that I also shared a few paragraphs in..

The NEW WPAJ Board!! After fighting and never having enough time to manage and learn the phpbb system enough to fend off spammers, and generally annoying passers by, I’ve been brokering a deal with some ninjas here in the area to lend a hand in the board duties.

And we have something even better. Much like the good old days when we were affiliated with the seperate SnackzBoard, WPAJ is proud to announce with those crazy ninjas from GZ Ninjas have upgraded their forum to the new and improved Industrial Mayhem! This is your one stop shop for the WPAJ society.

So head over and sign up. This board isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! “

I am also glad to see they are broadening out this board, in name and content, to more musical genres than just “Juggalo”, much like I have on my own WPAJ. Hell, when was the last time I’ve interviewed someone from Psychopathic Records? When have I ever? I talk to the artists that are good enough to give me the time of day to help promote them. Suburban Noize, Suggardaddy Productions, local and national indy musicians. w

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