What Sorg is Thankful For.

Meant to do this last night, but the triptophan kicked in and I hit the sack.

  • The lovely Missfit – She’s my anchor. Keeps me grounded.
  • My father – I am very thankful to still have him, and as much of him as possible, after a recent scare of infection that turned out to be mersa, taking a couple of his toes. As a side note, I am also thankful for the “High Impact Hand Safety” videos I had been subject to at work, which prepared me for seeing his foot unwrapped.
  • Good friends – I’m glad that I’ve had Chachi, Will, and Jeff there through the rough times this year, when others have turned their back on me this year.
  • The Chance to Live some Dreams – Whether it be on stage with CRAP, in the ring or backyard with my friends in the RWF, or speaking at Podcamps, it feels good to be in the position I’m in in these cases.
  • The fans The people out there that actually respond and reciprocate with the things we’re doing. Not that I wouldn’t still do some of it, but it makes it easier to dedicate time to something you know people are interested in.
  • To have a job that’s worth a shit – It’s hard at some times, and I almost lost my job because I sort of went off the deep end this year. But I still have it and I can still say I have a job that’s not bagging groceries. Not that I’m not looking forward to something new and different on the horizon sometime, but I’ve held a job for three years and grown from it. Regardless of how long I do end up sticking around, at least I can look back fondly at my years there, I believe.

It’s been a really hard year for me. I’ve lost some people in my life this year and have worked hard to try to keep it together. This year, more than everything, I need to sit back a minute and take stock in what I do have.

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