WTF Was I Thinking Video: Mr. Spiffy vs Dragonkin(with bonus)

This week, we go all the way back to 2001. One of the
“classic” LWF videos). These were videos from a backyard fed that a few of my friends started, and I participated in. Man. Some good times.

  • LWF stands for LYNT Wrestling Federation.
  • LYNT was a band that Adam and Ron (Hatchet Ryda/Mr. Spiffy and Spider) were in at the time. A real band. Not rap like they’re into now.
  • We start with an interview by Hatchet Ryda with Scratchy Balls (Chachi) and Spider (now King Nasty).
  • Nice Type O Negative music in the background.
  • Mr. Spiffy is wearing his country club work wear, if I’m not mistaken.
  • Oh hey, who’s that referee in an OG ICP shirt?
  • We would eventually introduce LWF at the last Sorgstock of this era.
  • At 10:12 is the greatest performance by Missfit ever.
  • For some reason, at 12:19, you get a bonus match of DJ Sick/EvilJesus(that’s me) vs Spider/Scratchy Balls
  • Evil Jesus is not a name I gave myself. Neither is being called Jesus ever since I started at Greenville in 11th grade.
  • Man, we sucked.
  • Mike “Dragonkin” Rowles still lives at that house we’re in the backyard of…
  • There’s a reason I stay away from hardcore matches these days.
  • I’m not sure I’ve won too often, if at all, in my “wrestling career” than 2 tag matches.

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