What the hell was that again?

Crazy. Craz-y. CRAZY!

This was a rough week. A lot of shit went down. A lot of work was thrown down in the day job. Some meeting stuff learning some new tech. And everything prepping for these shows. Fuck.

So tonight, we head straight out of work, grab up my fellow Crapper and Silent Ninja. We head up on a 3-ish hour drive (with food stop) to Geneva, OH up on Lake Erie. We got a little lost. The place wasn’t as obvious as I would have liked.

We walk into this place, which is aparently an arcade/pool hall out front. But you walk in the back, it’s a HUGE performance area. I’m talking this is a glorified warehouse with a massive stage. This place is bigger than Mr Smalls or the Rex Theater combined. Friggin’ sweet. But I don’t get a minute to enjoy it. We walk in, and I’m told to get on stage. Huh…

So I have a short hookup with the sound guy. He insisted we use the corded mics already on stage. (CRAP is not a fan of corded mics. The need for movement in our high energy, fan interactive, show is crucial). And there are foam tombstones all over the stage. Wow. So we get out there. This place has the craziest echo I’ve ever fucking heard. And they’re not using the monitors. Trying to sync up our flows with the bounce off every surface in this place was a hell of a challenge. If we played this place maybe a year/year and a half ago, I don’t think we would have been skilled enough to adjust and roll with it. But we still nailed most of our set.

For all of the pre planning, worry, and bullshit leading into a show like this. And to walk right in. I love the comfort I feel when I walk on stage and start throwing down some Disco Ball like it was a second skin. As feared, the crowd was lacking, but we had a good bit of the crowd right up front. There were some way too young girls up front grinding the shit out of each other almost the entire set. Toilet paper was flying (with a lot of room to sail through the space. And we got to Monkey Flings Poo, we were joined on stage, without provocation, by Psychopathic J, Duck, and a butt load of other ninjas from the backstage. All helping to toss TP and end the set with us. I just had to stop and take it in, as I tend to do when we get to this point of the set. It really garners the feeling that your doing something right if these guys are having a blast with what we’re putting out there.

So aparently a few groups (on this packed ass show) had dropped off. A disturbing trend in these Ohio shows we keep doing. But that’s alright, that helps me narrow down who to work with and not to work with. (we’ll have a blog on that at a later date, perhaps.) So Triggga went on. Don’t think anyone else. We caught some Legally Insane, Holly Dolly, Maniac K, and finally, No Clue.

Legally Insane are fucking there. They brought so much energy to the stage, I’m becoming rather excited on seeing where these guys are going. Their acepella song (not sure if it was on purpose or a result of the CD player acting up). And now Holly Dolly is rolling with them. I’m always going to be supportive of any females getting into the biz. She’s got some good songs, but I think she needs to build that on stage confidence. It’ll come, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see where all these guys/gals go. No Clue. Holy Shit. This was the first seeing the new streamlined, 3 man team. With their butcher getups, some remixed tracks or two, and the new tracks for halloween (complete with “brains” being fondled and smashed all over the stage) these guys just felt like they had a new level to their usual energetic vibe. Maniac K did some freestyles with Jeff/Big Daddy Shit and tracks whenever the mic was free. Good stuff. Horrorcore. Needs some hooks. But dude can go.

And tonight I finally got to hook back up with Duck and the Chicken Scratch crew, the LI and No Clue Crews, and shit, we actually sold some merch. Altogether a decent show. And most importantly, fun as all hell.

I loved the feel of the place, but one thing is for sure, we do this place when there’s people attending the area in season (summer). Maybe next time.

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