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From Some of the latest action out of Camp Sorg:

It’s been a crazy weekend. CRAP played to the biggest stage, then the smallest private party, and we have plenty of footage to share! Here’s just the beginning of all the Halloween weekend footage we have…

CRAPTV Xtra: Halloween House Tour – Big Daddy Shit takes us on a tour of this guy’s front yard and all the crazy decorations they have set up at this party we were invited to play.
CRAP TV Xtra: Helloween Freestyles – Some freestyles from Helloween Mayhem in Geneva, OH, including Big Daddy Shit, Big C of Legally Insane, and Maniak.
“Helloween Mayhem” Live – Holly Dolly, Psychopathic J, and Triggga perform the title track to the free CD they were handing out. (Sorg’s on that shit too).
No Clue – Got some really decent footage of No Clue’s set, including “In the Attic”, a fresh remix, and some sweet stage wears.
CRAP TV All Access: Helloween Mayhem – Clips of CRAP, Ghetto G, Legally Insane, No Clue, and Maniak performances from Friday night.


The included tracks comprise of the Helloween Mayhem show from October 26, 2007 at The Hot Spot in Geneva, OH. And now they’re yours to download! Get them here!

Here’s what’s included:
1. Intro
2. Helloween Mayhem (feat. Holly Dolly, Triggga, P.J. Bozac, & Sorg)
3. Brain Analysis (feat. No Clue Crew)
4. Shot in the Dark (feat. P.J. Bozac & Mike Kerrison)
5. Let the Games Begin (Feat. Triggga)
6. No Clue Sampler
7. Triggga Sampler


And finally, we’re in the final production stages for the next WPAJ/Deface DVD release:

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