This Week in SorgCasts: Toons and Broken Stages

AwesomeCast 39: Peanut Butter on the Shelf
I was having something of a rough day at work, and Chachi stepped up and offered to take on switching the show, putting me on the couch!  This was something different and really brought out a different side of me on the show.  It’s amazing how much freer it feels when you’re not tied to camera switching and juggling show notes behind the board.  Somehow, I decided to take Android to task as a platform, bashing it any chance I got.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 258: A Room Full of Bill Cosby
We got back to some fun, and heated, discussion.  This time, AJ and Mad Mike took a side of the lack of awesomeness of the Undertaker/Triple H staredown.  So heated, in fact, that our chatted wanted to know who got wrestlefan in the divorce.

Chachi Plays 23: Happy Birthday Zelda!
Chachi was back to the home office, and showed off his love for Zelda on his sleeve.  It was a nice homage to ove of the best games of all time.

Music Funtime Show 34
A great week for new music!  This week, we were welcomed with a release of Zealous1’s newest album Rise, and I was passed an advance of Dirtball’s new Nervous System disc out today.

SM Special: Toonseum
Already discussed, but a great interview, and I’ve heard some great feedback on it.  Look for Doug Bradley this week!

I also had another wrestling shoot over the weekend where the ring broke in the first match. This as well as one of our cords for the ringside camera going black and white during the same. Here’s a shot from the DVD booth at the impromptu intermission.

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