This Week in SorgCasts: Internationally Renown?

AwesomeCast 11: International Incidents

This was a lot of fun.  For this one, we had to move to 10 PM to accommodate a connection with an old AIP-mate from Moscow, Russia.  Tim Kirby was one of those guests that brought some personality to the show, not to mention a perspective on the topics we might have beaten to death in previous episodes.  I was instantly transported back to the interesting discussions I’d find myself in between classes in the lobby of the Art Institute.  This is, by far, my favorite episode yet.  I hope we continue to do interesting stuff like this.

Fun Fact: We now have more people watching this episode of AwesomeCast from Russia than the United States.  Welcome foreign friends!

Wrestling Mayhem Show 231: Tweeting From the Womb

This was another back to basics-esque show.  The more recent core group all joined up in some rousing, and sometimes overboard, discussion about the whole TNA/ECW craziness.  Great show, and great reactions from the emailers.  And someone started a pretty fun Twitter account from the whole mess..

Music Funtime Show 15: Big B

Stepped back this week and replayed an old Big B interview to pair up with his new song, who’s video just came out.  But I’m looking forward to opening up to some new discussion about “hardcore” Christian music this next week.

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