Podcamp Bound

PodCamp Pittsburgh 4, Day 1-24
Courtesy Rob de le Cretaz

We’re about a month away from Podcamp Pittsburgh, and the schedule was recently released.  So I thought I’d outline how I intend to contribute this year with sessions o’plenty, and something new for us.

Saturday 11:00 AM Room E  We’re Still Here: How to Keep Your Podcast Kicking”

We’re replacing our old “Grassroots Podcasting” and reuniting my Wrestling Mayhem Show crew with the Should I Drink That guys, and Hutch Baille from Burghseyeview.  Three Podcasts that have existed ever since (or shortly after) the first Podcamp Pittsburgh four years ago.  Finally we find out if it’s guts, perseverance, or pure insanity that keeps a Podcast going this long…

Saturday 1:00 PM Room B  Podcasting 101

I get to return to this session with Hutch Baille of Burghseyeview to set the groundwork and answer questions from the Podcasting hopefuls.  Check out last year’s session here.  (I may also be doing Podcasting 201, but that might change before the schedule is finalized)

Sunday 1:00 PM Room B  Video Podcasting 201: Advanced Tactics

This is where we have some fun.  I’m aiming to dive a bit into the tactics implemented in my video podcasts I started since the beginning of this year, software options, camera configuration, and using Skype to bring the world to your studio.  Followed by…

Sunday 2:00 PM Room B  Live Video Podcast: AwesomeCast Live!

This year, we started a tech show, and we’re looking to have it record live from Podcamp!  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and finally we have the right show to do it.  This is a good chance to showcase everything we talked about in Video Podcasting 201 in the previous session, and continue some conversations that come up over the weekend.

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