This Week in SorgCasts: Finding Time

Chachi Says 11: Fan Request 2

Chachi returns to his fan request concept, and continues with the next week’s.  He’s really building a real interactive community.  We’re going to have some fun working with that here in the near future.

AwesomeCast 26: The Slaughterhouse

From all of the crazy reorganized scheduling from this week’s Baristas shoot, we managed to find time Tuesday to film AwesomeCast on location at Rob’s place.  I’m really enjoying the experiments we’ve had with this show’s setup.  A laptop running my trusty BoinxTV, and my Panasonic patching in firewire and the shotgun mic.  An easy 2 camera setup.

I’m looking forward to our next few lined up guests, and some fun in studio stuff.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 245: Deeeeelicious Chesty

And speaking of in studio, you can’t have a bad show with our favorite local indy guest Jimmy Demarco.  We were supposed to do this Sunday, but had to back this up to Thursday due to some unavoidable issues.  But we had a great hour and a half with Jimmy and Chest Flexor.  The fans were alive in the chat, despite the recording date move, and the questions pored in throughout the week leading up.  Jimmy lost his career ending match Saturday night, but I hope that doesn’t keep him from stopping by to have some fun on the show.

Music Funtime Show 26: Paul Hammond

Dr. Espling really stepped up our show quality this week.  He moved his segment from an audio setup to video to suite our expansion to YouTube and and stepped things up.  No I have to work on the rest of the show to keep up with what he’s submitting.  Only leads to great things.  Also part two of my interviews at TrackAddict Records with my old friend Paul Hammond.

With the whole crazy schedule, I didn’t get a chance to do our wrap up video, so I decided to throw something together when Chachi was over tonight doing this week’s Chachi Says.  Look for that late Monday.

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