One of the great things about being introduced to so many people in my blogs are some of the great ideas and projects that I wouldn’t have heard of, or thought of.  Chris Maverick is a renaissance man of art as a photographer, artist, and pro wrestler.  Thanks to this, I had the chance to have him on in the past for the Wrestling Mayhem Show for his comic Cosmic Hellcats, and for a photography conversation on the AwesomeCast.

Trying the @ChrisMaverick self photo trick

One big concept he introduced me to was this 365 concept that has been bouncing around the back of my head for months now.  With the recent uprising of apps like instagram or Path (the latter I gave up on after a week when I was the only one posting) I was thinking of ways to use them like a pic a day concept, and went back to this one.  You can think of it as the bloggers’ NABLOPOMO concept.  I don’t fancy myself a photographer, but I’m interested in the challenge of using devices like my iPhone to do projects like this and how to results might compare to the more avid amateurs and professionals in the group.

All that, and I realize I didn’t have enough pictures of myself for self promotion graphics like my about.me page

If you’re interested, hit up the 365 Flickr Group.  There are some basic rules, but you can really do anything that’s self-portrait based.

What are you doing with apps like instagram?

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