There’s more to Russia than Nightwatch to me now..

I’m always excited to discover some old acquaintances doing cool things.  I was geeked to find a friend in the movies (and even rented one of them just because.  I’ll plug his photography while I’m at it…)

I came across another again, in Tim Kirby.  Here’s a fellow that I would see around the lounge at the Art Institute and BS with from time to time.  I always wondered what path led him out to Russia, aside from his interesting art style.  But anyways, I last recall seeing him in video as part of a dating game.  Now, I discovered his podcast that’s been running for a good while, the Tsar Podcast.  The episode I was drawn into was a bomb shelter bunker.  You can tell Tim’s having a good time, and is really knowledgeable about the stuff.  Take a watch.

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