AwesomeCast Imminent…

Starting tomorrow (June 1 at 7 PM), I am ecstatic to be starting a new podcast that I’ve wanted to for a long time. Along with my esteemed co-host, Rob de la Cretaz, we will present to you: the AwesomeCast. It’s going to evolve as we get comfortable in our skin with the new show, we plan to cover everything tech, media, and gadgety that crosses our peripherals from across the industry, and locally here in Pittsburgh.

For our first episode, we welcome a good friend and colleague, Mike Pound. He’s a writer for the Beaver Valley Times (and host of their NewsBreak segment), blogger under Uncle Crappy, and lover of Ohio State football. This week, we’re going to pick his brain on the week’s tech news, and what the advent of online delivery and the all knowing iPad mean for his industry.

2 thoughts on “AwesomeCast Imminent…

  1. Oooh. Me likey. Will you put the podcasts on iTunes? It's the only time/manner I can get to listen to podcasts.

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