The Vertical Video Problem. This Means You.

I want to talk to you about a problem.  A problem that has plagued the internet for a few years now.

Vertical video.

Youtube is loaded with these pictures.  And indy wrestling promos are even worse.

Event WWE’s veteran John Cena is a culprit, submitting a video that played on Monday Night RAW about his return at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

To all of them, and you, you should take this PSA on the matter:


AJ actually sent over an app that may solve this, Horizon:

I wish the IPhone and Android phones would simply integrate this. Why would we want video like this?   Did we think it would be cute to make videos to play this way on the other side?  Sure, do it with your Facetime, but leave the videos alone!

Nerd in the family.  Please get this app and secretly replace the standard camera app on your folks phones.  It will only help the cause!

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