Return of the Google Glass

Thumbs up to Google Glass 2

A week off.  And I was certainly having my issues…



So it’s been a little hard to deal.

But thankfully, my box arrived about a week after dropping Google Glass Explorer 1.0 into the UPS box.   So, since I didn’t have the chance before, here’s a look at what you can expect unboxing a new Google Glass 2:


There are a few things I’ve noticed so far:

  • It’s sturdy.  The first two Google Glass units I had seemed a be lighter.  The first one I sent back had the bottom panel of the prism-holding unit in the front popping out on day 1.
  • It was nice that they gave the whole package.  I still have a Goggle Glass bag from my first Explorer unit, so it will be nice to have the backup.
  • The headphone is handy.  But I think I’ve already lost it.  It’s tiny.
  • Wink is an issue.  I keep accidentally taking pictures.  Not to mention the rise in privacy issues that could come out of this.   We talk a lot about this on AwesomeCast this week with Mike Pound and Wrestling Mayhem Show’s  Mad Mike.

You can check out this “Wink” discussion, as well as reaction to the movie theater and other Google Glass stories on this week’s Awesomecast.



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