The TNA Fan Manifesto

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To whom this may concern,

I am writing this letter, inspired by a video on the frustration of those who ever cheered for TNA. I have been a rabid supporter of TNA since the days of the weekly PPVs a few years back. I’ve seen its ups and downs. Show stealing matches and horrendous gimmick matches. When everyone was down on TNA, and its lack of direction, I stuck up for it. At least it has the X-Division. TNA has all the great talent that other feds would trample on.

But I’m undone.

In recent weeks, it seems that TNA more and more is interested in utilizing talent that has been tossed aside by their dominate competitor. Ideas and history recycled and regurgitated. Yes, I’ve enjoyed some of the skits in the past weeks with Kurt Angle. But then they didn’t stop. And they got worse. And your amazing tag team division and X-Division gets swept aside so Kurt Angle can be kind of the world. I’m a huge Kurt Angle fan, don’t get me wrong, but this is ridiculous. I’m not interested in Total Nonstop Angle. TNA has truely become WWE light: the bad years. The McMahons themselves have stated that TNA needs to deliver something different instead of emulating the big guys. ECW on Sci Fi is beating you, last I knew.

And I no longer buy the pay per views. The last to go…

I leave you now to read my WWE Magazine. Even that is a better representation of what I love about wrestling.

Michael Sorg
Video Specialist, Web Designer, New Media Producer
Vice President ~ Deface Marketing

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