bacn: the issue at large

Well, it’s the hot topic, and I’m proud to have been therein the beginning, so why not get on the bacn wagon? (ugh, I did that…)

Honestly, I heard about bacn via an odd announcement, most likely mid-hallway, or during our lunch viewing session on day 2 of Podcamp, Sunday. I don’t recall my goals for that session time, but nothing really caught my attention, until I happened upon a room with all the chairs in a circle, like the wagons of old, rounding up some sense of this bacn. When I see a circle attended by Tommay Vallier, Fatherspoon, and much of those I converse with the whole weekend, I knew I had to get in on this. Even iJustine came in and learned the bacn.

So it seems that bacn isn’t spam. But it’s not the email you want to read right now. Myspace notices, twitter requests, facebook updates, etc. A new trend and issue in this world of Web 2.0. During this past day, I found myself, after only 2 hours of not checking my twitter, being inundated with over 25 messages, most of which from my new twitter friends, and concerning bacn. Which, in turn, was causing bacn to appear in my inbox with all this new friends and an occasional DM. The irony, and fun, of creating a meme (a word I only today discovered means “to coin a phrase”).

Even if it’s this trivial word, which will be fizzled once Web 3.0, or whatever is next, hits the intertubes. But still, this just might make Podcamp Pittsburgh 2 “The Year of the Bacn”

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