The Talent Wars

It’s time for a new wrestling ware. While everyone seems to be looking for the newest


“Monday Night War” to spark, it’s unlikely to happen. No one’s Ted Turner these days.

But where is that fight? Talent. WWE just picked up two of the finest talents from Ring of Honor in Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson. The guys over on Between the Ropes brought this up, and I think it deems exploring. WWE has their own developmental territory, and we’ve seen the ups and downs of their results as of late with FCW.

It’s very apparent that Ring of Honor isn’t another “bingo hall” fed anymore, like ECW is always referred to as considering their heyday.  CM Punk is an ROH alumni signed straight out of the group and sitting on top of your Friday night programming.  Samoa Joe, TNA storylines notwithstanding, has been a bonafide success in that group as well, headlining shows with all of the “old head” talent that group brings in.

Nigel McGuinness
Nigel McGuinness

But where does this leave Ring of Honor?   I don’t think you have to worry about them.  This is a group that thrives on bringing new talent up.  There is plenty of great names in the independent scene that would be perfect to step up to replace Nigel, Danielson, or anyone else that gets lured away by the big money.

Until Ring of Honor can find the cash cow like TNA has, it’s very unlikely to compete with the dollars for these hard working guys to make the living they want to.  But, this isn’t a bad thing, for the fans, at least.  It’s a very exciting breeding ground of new styles and talent that will eventually get infused into the mainstream on our Monday and Thursday nights.  (well, I guess almost every other night now.  But on channels I could get on basic cable…) Some will never be happy with what the big guys do to our beloved independent heroes, but don’t be surprised if it at least elevates their game and makes things interesting as they fight for the best of the best in ROH.

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