Podcamp Pittsburgh Cast: G20 Roundtable

I’ve been trying to lay the groundwork for quite awhile for a new podcast project. Finally, here it is.

From PodcampPittsburgh.com:

In Pittsburgh, we are all preparing for the G20 Summit, one of the biggest international events to come to our fair city. We kick off our first Podcast-exclusive content this week with a round table featuring members of the city’s social media community. This week, we speak with Tim Hindes, Grants Manager and Creative Director with GSP Consulting, Elizebeth Perry, a sketch blogger and Technology Coordinator at the the Ellis School, Cynthia Closkey, President of Big Big Design, and Norm Huelsman, Assistant Director of Public Relations with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. We cover what the G20 is, what it means for Pittsburgh, what can we expect, and how can we stay connected and contribute over the course of the event.

For more information on the G20, please visit the websites mentioned in this podcast, including .pittsburghg20.org, myg20.org, and g20safety.org.

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