The Social Good: With Great Follower Count Comes Great Responsibility. 

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Last week, I was visited by Christopher Whitlatch of the Pittsburgh Foundation on Awesome Chat to discuss the idea of using PSAs on Podcasts.  Chris has a lot of experience using Social Media for good over the years.  From Day of Giving his work with ALS, he’s used these tools we’re practically living on to make a difference.

Social Media Day PittsburghTuesday, I attended the Social Media Day Pittsburgh festivities at Left Field Meeting Space where the theme was Social Good. I heard stories of the awesome Virginia Montanez does for Make Room for Kids to bring video games to sick kids, and how Leah Lizarondo of 412 Food Rescue connects unused food with those who need it.

Christopher Whitlatch talks about just giving 10% of your social media to something good. I love this concept.  You have an audience.  No matter how big or small, you have somebody listening to you, or comes across your tweets and Facebook posts.  You have an audience. And likely an audience that really cares what YOU think and are passionate about, or they wouldn’t be following you. Even if you just tweet pictures of the cupcakes you make or your cat normally.

You don’t have to start a movement.  You don’t have to orchestrate a 24 hour gaming marathon or organize a truck to pick up food.  But tweet about them.  Share them with your friends.  What causes are you passionate about?  If you haven’t talked about them online, start for their benefit.

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