The Sky is Falling!

Yeh…so we got home last night, started playing with our new toys and settling in. Then it happened. A toilet overflow that wouldn’t stop as the upstairs bathroom flooded until we had to turn the valve off…a half inch of water in the bathroom…and the leaking began. Spanning a portion of both the dining and living rooms.

In a panic, we moved everything we could. Got trash cans, buckets, and towels to catch it all. And figured that was it, let it run its course. The remainder of the water was in the ceiling and needed to drain. Then, about 45 minutes later, as we went to sleep…


An over 6 foot wide hole was in my ceiling; and on my floor. It crashed onto the floor, still dripping around the hole. New xbox game cases smashed, power strips and wires covered in “mud” from the wall, mud on the front of my tv that was a gift last Christmas from work. Thankfully, I moved the xbox, worrying of it possibly being dripped on. It would have been decimated where it was.

Our insurance is notified, the adjuster will be here in the morning…The painful process of cleanup and repair begins…

I just wanted to play my Xbox…..

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