Merry Christmas!

Back from the cold white north this evening. And hoping you all had a Merry Christmas. Had time with your families, loved all you presents.

I started off pretty well with the Sorg Clan, of course. And head up to New York for the big Stone family Christmas. Now, I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but this has to be, without a doubt, one of the most festive, and massive family gatherings anyone has. I’ve been going to these for maybe 7 years, and I still don’t know half the damn people there. I hear estimates of maybe 60 kids and parents. All related in some fashion.

The most surreal experience I had was, walking between Missy’s parents and Grandmother’s houses. I started walking from spot to spot, not taking much notice, than caught this figure out of the corner of my eye, just off the path. I found Santa Claus. Standing in the snow. Looking at me. I don’t know if I initially passed him off as just another of the massive decorative display from out front. But I was on the wrong side of the house to see any of them. So after a moment of bewilderment, I helped the gentle St. Nick into the house. And Christmas continued as usual.

That’s Sorg’s Christmas Story…

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