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After Podcamp Pittsburgh

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There’s a big difference between a hand shake and a @ reply.

Podcamp Pittsburgh Wrap PartyWe can get so much accomplished online. There are extensions and friendships and opportunities that we can find in the cyber space. (That’s right. I said cyber). I’ve spoken on here about how we’ve built communities and done work along with people across the country.

But meeting people add a special glue to those relationships.  Tweetups and Blogfests put a name and a voice to the people you were already befriending and connecting with.  The beautiful thing is these are maybe friends you wouldn’t have given a second thought if you encountered them initially in person.  I’ve often looked around in our years of YinzTeam softball games over the last several years and wondered what could have brought this crazy collection of media professionals, programmers, and more together for a common softball game.

This is also why you need to go to events in your area. Even if you find that one other person who’s into making videos in your small town, that’s important.If you don’t see that club for WordPress, or Youtube creators, make one on or a group on Facebook and find them. Find events for the interests you’re seeking out. I often attend the Alphalab Open Coffee Club because I love hearing about new technology, it’s amazing subject matter and guest seeking for AwesomeCast, and who knows, maybe I can make a new creative friend or develop a new video client out of it.

Open your horizons.  Get out and talk with people.  Hopefully Social Media and your video blog gave you lots of practice already!

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