The Great Chicken Wrap Adventure…

It didn't look anything like this.  Even when we first got it.
It didn't look anything like this. Even when we first got it.

You know, I’m a social person.  I’m always interested in “starting a conversation”, as you could imagine if you follow me here.  I’m always looking to empty my thoughts and ask questions in the interest of getting feedback, and sometimes I get something, sometimes I don’t.

In my haste heading out the door for the train, in an unplanned day without a car due to Missys’ trip to New York for an extended weekend, I had left my lunch of leftover McDonald’s chicken wraps on the counter.   And I wasn’t to return for over 12 hours with errands I had to run via public transportation.

So I posed the question…

Michael Sorg How long can a leftover McD’s chicken wrap that I left on the counter stay there before going bad? I mean, it’s not real chicken, right?

It was innocent enough of a Tweet.  Just some of my usual personal musings.  Somehow, this was more captivating than my previous question about laptops in the classroom.   (but thanks Jenda for the the feedback on that one!)

The responses poured in…

Jeff Gilbert I’d say about 5 hours but don’t quote me on that.The sandwich from Kennywood that you ate didn’t go bad after about 5 hours,Did it??????Thats the real question here.

He’s right.  That sandwich sat in a wagon since dinner, then my car on the southside until 2 AM.  Still yummy.

And there were content questions:

Justin EitelThere is Ranch dressing in those though… or some kind of sauce. That probably would be my biggest worry.

CynthiaCloskey@sorgatron Does it have a mayonaise based sauce? If so, then I wouldn’t risk it. But otherwise, I might still go for it.

Zach Rizza never knew rubber could go bad

Then I received the most sound response of all…

Rick Topping just eat it. dont be a vag.

Wisdom comes from the strangest of places, sometimes…..

So I ate the wraps.  A full 5 days later.  All clear.

I try to be topical, start conversations, and all it takes is a chicken wrap i left on the counter that morning.

What the hell does that tell you….

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