The Awful Show. The Worst Podcast of All Time.

…but in a good way….

A few years ago, I happened across a show called The Awful Show.  It was no holds barred talk and music from some guys around Pennsylvania and a fellow in Colorado, and “a cast of thousands”.  At the time, I was neck deep in technology and wrestling podcasts and needed something different, so when I happened onto their show via an old online acquaintance in Scrub Club, I was hooked.

The show had a lot of elements to it.  The show covered a lot of nerdcore, parody, and underground music that were right up my alley.  They interviewed great artists, authors, hosts of other podcasts, and even Loyd Kaufman himself!  They had great on show games, prank calls, and a great community.

There were few times that I’ve seen a show draw a menagerie of people like Awful Show did.  They affectionately referred to fans as “Bros and Hos”, and felt like a closer online family than I might have even saw during my years in the Juggalo “Family” of fans.  But the people became part of the show as extra guests and games show participants.  I even had the opportunity to see some of the crew in person when we went to Con on the Cob a few years back.

It’s sad to see them go as a show, but I have to respect the hosts for knowing when to cut it off.  Many have promised they will be vocal in new projects, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out.   Their site and entire back catalog is available still on iTunes, and should be still worth a listen, and worth some notes on how to nurture a community, for sure.  This is the show that has inspired a lot of what I’ve done with my own projects over the last few years, and they will be missed in my weekly podcast rotation.

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