R.I.P. Showcase West

Just the other night, while I was hanging out at the Double Wide for @Kdudder’s birthday, I saw on the television a story about that being the last night Showcase West would be open.  To some, that place may represent the style and shape of a long-forgotten type of cinema now with all of the stadium seating, proper cup holders, and 3D glasses.  But in my childhood when we had a small three screen theater, it was a megaplex.

See, in those days, when I was in my single digits, those were massive screens, and cavernous theaters.  I would come down to visit my grandparents in Moon Township, and the trip to the movies was rather obligatory.  I remember seeing Jetsons, A League of Their Own, E.T,  and who knows how many Disney movies over the years.  It was my grandmother that taught me the fine art of sneaking food into the theater as well.  There was always a spare bag of Reese’s Pieces in her purse, so she didn’t have to buy me the overpriced candy.  Whenever I have a bag of them, I still think back to those days.

Also, for those that frequent Robinson Township’s ever-growing shopping district, I recall back to the day when all that was there was the theater, and a few plazas on Stuebenville Pike. This is also the place where I was introduced to some of the greatest arcade experiences.  Before I had the awesome bowling league arcade on a weekly basis,this was where I was introduced to some sweet arcade games.  The Simpsons arcade game comes to mind.

Here’s to you, Showcase West.  You were a part of my entertainment upbringing, and a point of great times with my grandparents growing up.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Showcase West

  1. WOW. I didn't even see that but maybe the TV you saw was on a different channel. That's sad. I know I've seen at least one movie at Showcase West. I think it was Monsters, Inc. to be honest.

    But I saw basically every other movie you listed at Showcase North. I'm sure that one is headed out of here soon, if not already. Gosh, I have so many memories at Showcase North. Sad to see our old theaters going away.

  2. I was last at West for Farenheit 9/11 when it wasn't in the area, and North for Zombieland when there was a screener last year. I'm still unclear on what other theater I attended with my grandmother. Does Ross Park have a theater in it?

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