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IWC Fifteen

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for March 14, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

It seems like this has been a big year of milestones.  Wrestling Mayhem Show met it’s 10 year anniversary. We just filmed the International Wrestling Cartel’s 15 year celebration show over the weekend at IWC Fifteen.

So much of Saturday’s wrestling event threw back to the past.  A massive 3 way tag team wrestling threw back to a group of guys that were tearing it up 7 years ago when I first started going as a fan to these shows.  But as we looked back, we looked forward, featuring new talents that are what we hope to be the future of wrestling for the promotion, and maybe some you could see on your television like past IWC talents like DJ Zema Ion of Impact Wrestling (who returned this show), “The Drifter” Elias Samson in NXT or that guy names CM Punk.

When we hit our 10 year mark on Wrestling Mayhem Show, it didn’t mean we’re good and we should stay on our trajectory and keep business as usual.  Our show has changed multiple times from host lineups to formats.  This was a notice to me to kick things into high gear.   We aimed to get more people involved in the show from other venues to get more voices on the show, and pushing to grow the show further.

Looking at a company or project that hits a milestone isn’t a sign that they’ve made it.  It’s a sign the the work has just started.

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! 

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Basic Sorganomics: Going Viral

Basic Sorganomics: Going Viral

Basic SorganomicsHow do you get my video to go viral?  Maybe you’re asking the wrong question and aiming for the wrong goal?

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LB and The Sorg Morning Afternoon Power Hour 7

LB and The Sorg Morning Afternoon Power Hour 7

iTunes_TBSWillMikeLB and Sorg are talking about good things as we discuss why Sorg is obsessed with working in local professional wrestling, Will discusses his newfound motivation in comic book podcasting and freedom of having a car again, and more!

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Good Morning: #IWC200

Good Morning: #IWC200

International Wrestling Cartel is having their 200th show this weekend. I take a look back at discovering the promotion back in 2006 and why I stuck around.

What under the radar thing are you into? Something unconventional and not mainstream? Or do you have any non-WWE wrestling that you watch? Share it!Jason Gory and Shiima Xion (DJ Zema) as Babyface Fire

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From a Small Phone to the Big Screen. How an iPhone Video Made a Splash in Wrestling.

From a Small Phone to the Big Screen. How an iPhone Video Made a Splash in Wrestling.

When I had written previously about mobile video, it wasn’t with out recent example.

The setup:  We do a big presentation for International Wrestling Cartel when they come to Elizabeth, PA at the Court Time Sports Center.  We have a setup where we are doing a live switch between a locked down camera and a ringside camera.  This is displayed for the audience on a projector for a little bit of that bigger feel like we see on Monday Night Raw.   Nice for displaying matchup graphics and backstage interviews.

The proposal:  Someone wants to do a promo, a mere hour before bell time, where they talk about how they are supposed to be in California for a pay per view that weekend for one of the big companies, but their really right there.  A video that is supposed to go on to “interrupt” the action in the ring.  After the video ends, said interviewee is right behind him ready to attack.

My first instinct always goes to the tape-based solutions in front of me that we’re using for the show.  A Sony HDV camera already setup up top for the hard cam, and an older Panasonic MiniDV camera.  But then I remember:

IPhone 5S.



This was a video shot on my phone, captured, moved to the “broadcast” laptop on hand for the big screen, and broadcast to a couple hundred paid audience members and looked amazing up there.

Some of the things we had to be concerned with were the background (we didn’t want to give away that we were right there in Court Time)

Audio:  I don’t have any additional attachments for my phone yet.  I’m actually interested in some of the stuff Dave Manueto’s Podcamp session on the topic.  But the newly located mic on the camera side of the phone helps the directional issue.

Video: Keep it steady, stupid!  When I’m tripod-less with the iPhone, I put as much grip on it as possible.  Don’t hold it up in front of you with one hand.  Get both hands on the phone.  Tuck your arms close to your body if it helps.  In this case, we stayed away from a background that had much detail, so you didn’t notice much of a movement as you may have.

In the end, we had a great spot on the show that made a small indy promotion take a step forward to looking that much bigger.  With a phone.

November 4, 20130 commentsRead More
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