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Google+ Profile - Michael Sorg

Google+: Is it time to give up on it? 

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for June 5, 2015.  You can Subscribe to it here! You can Read the rest of this newsletter here! 

This has been a question in my head for the last week.  After Google IO, Photos became it’s own site, and we keep hearing rumbles about the service being split into Streams, Hangouts, and Photos.

So what does that mean for you’re involvement in the “social media” part of it?

I was reassured by a discussion by Mike Elgan on This Week in Google.  Mike has been Google+ User #1.  He is a former editor for Windows Magazine that has turned to the service for his home on the internet, even using it as a blog.

This boils down to a common question: Where is your audience?

In this week’s discussion, he compared how journalists use Google+ compared to Facebook and Twitter, but really brought home the idea of how deep a conversation can be on the service.  You just have to find it, if it’s there.

This echo’s a recent web video about how you need to pick and choose the Social Networks you pick for a business.  For me, I have great conversations about Podcasting in some great Communities, and sometimes a good WWE talk or two. It will lean towards some technology communities, but that doesn’t mean your interests are not there as well.

For me, my timeline has fallen off the wagon as I concentrate on video and Twitter first, with some experimenting focus on Facebook.  But that community still comes to my email and gets some play.

So don’t give up on Google+ yet.  Just don’t worry if you’re already having a good talk somewhere else.

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Google Inbox

Good Morning: Google Inbox

Google InboxGoogle Inbox is real!  And I have an invite.  I give my first impressions of the new email client for Gmail.

How are you organizing your email?  Or are you?

*Note: This was a first impression of the iPhone app.  I’ve answered a few of my questions since recording.

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It’s always interesting to see how people use social media differently.  I found myself with one person making the case for me.

Just take a look at the responses by our friend Frank, writer at InsertCointoBegin.com.


Now, what I imagine is the product of the limited form, Twitter warrents this reaction from the same…

So, as you can see, the unlimited nature of posting, and I imagine it’s zen form, incite a novel reaction from our responder.

Twitter’s 140 character limit is more tuned to be a jackass…



It Came From Google+: Google’s new social search

Every once in a while, I tend to spout my longer thoughts on my Google+.  And they make it to blog form here: 


I’m starting to see the problem with search.  I live in the Google ecosystem with Google+, Youtube, Gmail, and the rest.

In the past week, Google unveiled some new social search features that have me worried.  Maybe it’s who I follow, but I have this issue on Google+ where my feed is full of posts by social media luminaries like Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, or Leo Laporte.  They often drown out the more localized “real people” I interact with, but thanks to the new slider tools, I’m able to handle this a little more effectively.

Now with these new search features, I notice a similar effect happening.  Instead of the usual results, I see a lot with familiar faces attached, often the same names I see in my overrun Google+ feed.

While I appreciate the the social integration, I’m worried about the fishbowl effect.  If I’m constantly being fed results from within the same circles I cultivated on purpose in my social stream, this lessens my chance of stepping outside of that box.

One of the most interesting is a random search we did on Wrestling Mayhem Show for Diamond Dallas Page’s Yoga for Regular Guys.  Even before I could find the official web site, I was greeted with no less than two posts by Chris Brogan.

It’s early in the new settings, and as with everything Google, it will change as they get feedback, but still, some early flags on how I search.

We’re Still Using Google Hangout

And it’s still fun!  Much like my newfound love for Modern Warfar 3 on Xbox has brought some interesting social implications.  We continue to do Hangouts during Monday RAW and now WWE Pay per views as of Survivor Series this week.  On top of that, everyone had a mustache button!  Tremendous.

We’ve seen a few new faces along the way jump in periodically, and some of our chat room participants that haven’t graced the show in video yet.

Once again, I polled some of the WMS Crew after this week’s recording to get their thoughts on what we’ve been doing with it.