SorgCast: Let’s Start A Vlog…

For a while, I’ve wanted to play with a video blog.  I’ve played with some tools like 12 Seconds for random stuff, and well, I’m in front of a camera for almost 3 hours a week on my shows, so I didn’t really see a place for it.

I’ve had this itch to twitpic my setups as I travel around doing my shoots for wrestling, interviews, and football, and started thinking about this transition over the next few months (I know I haven’t mentioned too much about it…)  I’m expecting to find myself in some interesting places and situations as I travel around the area, work with new people, and generally try to figure out where my new path is going to take me.

I hope this will be a chance to speak a bit more on here, since I have trouble spouting blogs, so I’ll try to see how well my gift of gab fits, and hope I have a better chance to convey how much I’m having a blast doing what I do.

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