No Hookah for you…

Got word today that this Saturday’s, and all future, Hkan Hip Hop & Hookah nights, have been canceled until further notice.

Here’s the official word on what’s going down:

i just want to let everyone know that this past saturday was the last night of the hip hop series until further notice. something happened with the bar and their permits to do live music, so due to nobodys fault, they had to cancel all of their live music. i just want to say thank you verymuch to all the artists and fans that have come out to support. on june 9th, i had my one year anniversary hosting and the series in general had gone on for over 2 years. PITTSBURGH HIP HOP STAND UP! so if you know anyone that is booked for shows on our calender, please let them know that all shows are canceled as of now until i can either find a new venue, or the hookah lounge gets the rights permits. if you have any friends that are scheduled, please let them know!” ~Basick

Basick Sickness and those ninjas at the hkan had a great thing going in a city where there’s little to do and fewer places to do our thing. Props to all of them, especially Basick and his crew, for holding it down for so long. We hope to be rocking with you guys real soon.

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