Juggalo Day Official!!

After MUCH deliberation, and many questions asked, the powers that be have determined…Fuck it! We ain’t afraid of no Gathering. There’s no reason the Pittsburgh ninjas too broke/busy/job minded to not be able to travel to the Gathering have to sit at home and sulk for the weekend.

Juggalo Day at Kennywood
Saturday, August 11
West Mifflin, PA

And for the few of you that will be missing the festivities due to the Gathering of the Juggalos, we will be putting full force into doing a second Juggalo Day for Phantom Fright Nights. Keep an eye on the WPAJ Board, and direct your questions at Painkyller, holder of the Juggalo Day keys, so to speak.


Well, I guess I’ll write on this topic. Above is what I’ve thrown out to the usual newsletter/myspace outlets to let people know (and get them off my back, relieving my mailbox). I’m sure we would have had a date up sooner, but some unfortunate technology blackouts led to break downs in some of the planning discussion.

This marks the 7th straight Juggalo Day. An event where anywhere from 50-200 Juggalos gather and just hang out at the local Kennywood Amusement Park for the day. Of course, the fine folks at the long gone PittsburghJuggalos.com/.net were the originators of this event. And Painkyller, now helping with duties around WPAJ, has helped keep it alive. I’m honored to still be helping get the word out on this event. Mad props to those old guys from PJ, NedenSpredin, Khaos, and Kryptik that started this shit, and hell, inspired WPAJ in the first place.

Every year, I swear I’ve hung out with a fairly different group of people. Most of the time with a whole group of people I’ve never met before. Some ask why I still wave the Juggalo colors and support this site, that frankly, maybe had seen better days. But it’s days like Juggalo Day. When ninjas from teenagers just getting into the ICP thing, to old head Juggalos that have kids and careers now, can all get together and just shoot the shit and have a good time.

For those curious about what something so crazy looks like, hit up WesternPAJuggalos.com’s Juggalo Day pictures section.

One thought on “Juggalo Day Official!!

  1. I live in duncan oklahoma and it sucks ass..and i have a daughter…so im not going to make it to the family gathering…but newayz yall need to have a gathering somewhere closer to oklahoma…but Peace my Ninjas and all my clown love to all juggalos/juggalettes!

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