Mayhem Takes Manhattan Day 2

Well, it’s been day 2, and I didn’t know if could top the first. We got up rather late, of course, and got an early afternoon start, hitting up some targets such as Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the NBC, Nintendo, and NHL stores, and of course, FAO Swartz. We were walking through Rockefeller when we noticed several NYPD officers with helmets, automatic weapons, and a dog. Everyone seemed to be fine within the J. Crews they were posted outside of. Of course Doc Remedy went over and tried to get the four hourseman pose from a few of them, like we did at FAO Swartz, and Times Square. We walked through Times Square once again on our way to Madison Square Garden.

We got there and what a difference. This is the damn ?New York crowd. It was pandemonium to get in. Not so much a line, but just a mass of people looking to get in a narrowing corridor. We got to our seats, literally the second seat from the top of the arena (to the left of the main entrance) and were still amazing seats, especially for the Rumble. We got to see everything from that angle going on in the ring. And of course, we were treated to the return of John Cena who got the surprise win. (but we’ll get into that on the show) The New York wrestling crowd is amazing. The resounding anti-Cena chants. The “You can’t wrestle” chants to Khali. Edge being completely over during his title match against Rey Mysterio (was was told by a natice that New Yorkers generally hate Mexicans, it seems)

After the show ended, we were hanging back in our seats, and much of our crew came to verbal blows with a fan who was anti fan. Somehow, he called him a paper champion, in which Mad Mike started flipping on the “5 moves of doom” concept and called him a “paper fan”, followed by Chachi pretty much calling him one of Orton’s pubic hairs. Great stuff.

But the icing was on our way out. We made it to what was sort of the main concourse of the Garden. We stopped to collect ourselves and heard the resounding “Cena Sucks” chants. Mad Mike was trying to put over Chad with shouting “Hey, is that Edge?” randomly. But he had a stroke of genius here. We started chanting “Edge! Edge” and pointing at Chad. People started following along. Then Remedy and Mad Mike put Chad up on their shoulders for all to see. This incited several instances of chanting, pictures with fans, and a lot of damn fun. And, of course, we took it to the streets before boarding the subway.

We made the ride back to the Bronx and hit up the local bar again, in which Chad and Chachi proceed to get hammered. But that’s for the special episode we did to listen to.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend. I haven’t had a chance to just hang out and completely let loose like this in far too long. Especially with some long time good friends like this. The majority of our crew wants to live in New York, and we’re already discussing going back in the Summer for a visit when it’s warm and catch what we missed this time around.

A huge thanks to Mad Mike. The first fan to let us into their humble abode and show us what the Big Apple was about.

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