Mayhem Takes Manhattan Day 1

Well. I’m in New York. And I’m not as scared as I thought I’d be. Law & Order lied to me.

We started off heading east, but were stilted by an unfortunate speeding stop, in which the cop wrote “Def. not obeying speed limit”. So after that small snag, we got going and ventured across the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Then the stinky state of Newark. Chad spotted a billboard that said “Stop the Murders”. We took Jim’s twitter advice and did not stop for anything until we crossed the river.

After taking an inadvertent scenic tour of the Bronx, we chilled for a minute at Mad Mike’s and headed out to see what New York looked like at night. We walked along Central Park (seeing the buildings from Cloverfield that were leaning on eachother), the fabled Apple Store with it’s glass elevator, Rockefeller Center, and finally, Times Square. Chachi bought a fake watch, we scoped Toys R Us, grabbed a bite at the Broadway McDonald’s, and rode the train back to Brother Jimmy’s.

Brother Jimmy’s was a pretty typical college bar from the looks of things. But then you pick up the fish bowl. We don’t know what it is, but damn was it good. And the whole crew got them, with our little Gators from the bowls to show for it. It was fantastic. So random mirth happened, we got some NY Pizza at 2 in the morning. But no, my friends. Bars don’t close at 2 AM like in the good ol’ commonwealth. We ended up taking the train back to the Bronx and hit another bar right around the corner from the Mad One’s place till 4 AM. Amazing. I passed out from a massive headache from the cold, as some girls played some Guitar Hero, and it’s a night at 5:30 in the morning. Amazing.

You can scope our all of the pictures at my Myspace Page, and the videos at my Youtube page

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