Look out New York!

It’s Friday. Lunch Time. and this time tomorrow, I will be en route, along with my Mayhem Show corhorts, on our way to big, bad New York City.

Back in the beginning of December, fan of the show, Mad Mike visited us for the weekend, stayed with Doc Remedy and Chad the Shad, and attended the two night IWC celebration with us. In turn, we were invited up to see the Royal Rumble, the favorite pay per view of the year, in some cases behind WrestleMania, at the mecca itself, Madison Square Garden.

Ok, so we’re just getting nose bleeds, but that doesn’t matter much. It’s just being there in that legendary place. Site of Wrestlemania 1, 10, and 20. The hometown arena of WWF back in the day as it started to become national. As it kicked off the Rock n’ Wrestling Connection back in the 80’s. To be in the same building that all of those legends that even predate Bruno Sammartino’s run at the top. And to get to go there with a group of friends that all appreciate this as much as I do.

Look out. This weekend the Mayhem Takes Manhattan.

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